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This is a two-day classroom training course that can save your agency/company tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Network assessments are expensive and bringing third parties into your network, creates additional risks.

On the other hand, having your own staff trained on how to conduct a comprehensive network assessment is much more affordable and mitigates risk now and in the future.

Training your network technicians will provide them with more thorough knowledge on your network and build confidence in their abilities. Additionally, they will be able to continuously assess your network at regular intervals, without any additional costs, making your company safer and compliant with current industry standards. 

Topics Include:

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Students who successfully complete the course can contract with the instructor for remote or onsite assistance during any and all phases of their initial assessment or any other subsequent assessments. All contracted time is billed by the hour. This will give your IT staff the support system they may need and the assurance that they are proceeding correctly and producing a comprehensive network assessment.

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About the Instructor

John Lucich
Nationally Recognized Speaker & Author

John Lucich is the founder & CEO of the Network Security Group, Inc. and eForensix, LLC, providing cybersecurity consulting and digital forensic investigative services for government agencies, law firms, corporations, 7 tribal casinos, and other organizations nationwide. He specializes in network assessments, network management, intrusion investigations, ransomware recovery, network and computer risk mitigation, and providing expert witness testimony for civil and criminal trials.

Mr. Lucich is a technologist and the author of “Pocket Guide For Investigating Ransomware & Network Intrusions.” He is retired from the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, Organized Crime Racketeering & Corruption Bureau, where he was directly involved in conducting high-tech crime investigations and computer forensics since 1988. He served five years as an adjunct professor of computer science for Felician College and is a nationally recognized expert, lecturer, and author on network security and computer forensics. He also taught a cyber crimes course at the Attorney General’s Office academy in Sea Girt, New Jersey for 15 years.

Mr. Lucich was the Keynote speaker with General Colin Powell and Bill Gates at CAWorld96, addressing computer security issues. He worked undercover for the US military, helping to identify those involved in military computer intrusions. He testified as an email expert which led to the removal of a New York State Judge who lied about sending an email to President Bill Clinton. He also testified as a computer forensic expert against a New Jersey police officer, who was subsequently found guilty and removed from the force.

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Take Your Knowledge of Network Security to the Next Level

In this course you will learn:
And much, much more.
  • How to Assess & Configure Secure Computers and Servers
  • Analyze and Design a Secure Network
  • Identify and Create Policies and Procedures
  • Identify User Behaviors and Develop End-user Awareness 
  • Assess Physical Security of Servers
  • Learn how to make your backups hackerproof