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Forensics Imaging & eDiscovery Services in New Jersey

The team at eForensix assists clients in support of civil and criminal investigations, working for law firms and businesses, to determine what happened, when it happened, and how it happened. We are involved in all aspects of digital forensics investigations from the collection of evidence, establishing the chain of custody, through device evaluations, causation analysis, remediation, litigation support, reporting and expert testimony in court.

Our 30+ years of expertise includes most aspects of eDiscovery and collection, analysis and preservation of ESI (Electronically Stored Information) and related services including but not limited to:

To perform these services, our team consists of experts who have worked in this field since our founding. eForensix has experts in a number of related disciplines.

eForensix provides guidance and advice to our clients to identify and preserve critical ESI on the people, data, and timeframe of the electronic data being analyzed. Data sources we encounter and analyze include computers and disks, as well as cloud-based platforms, mobile devices, and structured database systems. Our digital forensics experts utilize defensible collection techniques, preserve chain-of-custody, and provide testimony to defend our findings.  In the case of intrusions, the forensics team can further analyze data points at the source to determine user access and behavior in support of an investigation and future risk mitigation strategies.

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What is Forensic Imaging?

Forensic imaging is the process of preserving data on digital devices. When a computer is collected as evidence, a chain of custody form is completed to document the transfer of custody. The device is then transported to our lab in Fairfield, New Jersey where the hard drive is removed and connected to a write-blocker, which prevents data writes to the device. We then use forensic software to create an exact duplicate of the device, which has held up in Federal, Military, and State courts for more than 35 years.  

eForensix works with the forensic image of the device to search, recover, and analyze its contents based on the client’s needs. We can identify USB devices that were connected to Windows-based computers, determine what files were accessed and when, identify documents that were sent to other email addresses, recover information that may have been deleted, and much more.  eForensix’s founder, John Lucich has over 35 years’ experience finding and recovering evidence from digital devices for attorneys, law enforcement, and individuals who need to know the truth.

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How Does eForensix Conduct a Computer Forensic Investigation?

Generally, there are three parts to a forensics investigation, all of which must be performed according to a strict set of procedures. Following these procedures ensures admissible extraction of any existing evidence.

  1. Data Collection – In this critical step, a pristine copy of the original data is made. If there is one golden rule in digital forensics, it is to never modify the original data or device. Every attempt is made to create an exact bit stream copy of the original storage device (an “image”). In some cases, an operational “clone” of the media is appropriate. Either way, it is crucial that the entire contents of the source are collected, including its unused space, all slack data, unallocated space, boot sectors, and more.

    Data collection must be performed by an unbiased 3rd party forensics expert, like eForensix, to ensure that the integrity of all evidence is maintained. We establish the chain of custody, capture all hashes during transfer, and comply with all protocols and guidelines for hard drive imaging.
  1. Data Analysis – In this step, eForensix uses a variety of tools and techniques to recover data, conduct a thorough evaluation, and analyze our findings. Data analysis is performed by the best trained and experienced forensic investigators in New Jersey, who have provided admissible evidence used in hundreds of court cases.
  1. Data Presentation – Once our forensic investigation is completed, we must present our findings in a manner that all stakeholders can understand. This is where we excel, as eForensix’s founder, John Lucich, has provided expert testimony in dozens of trials and is a frequent talking head on cybersecurity and digital forensic issues for Fox News, CNN, and other media outlets. John’s background working in law enforcement and his ability to make complex technical investigations clear to everyone, makes him one of the most sought-after experts on cyber issues in New Jersey and beyond.

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