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Data Can Run, But it Can’t Hide From
the Team at eForensix

For over 20 years the experts at New Jersey Based Firm eForensix, have supported Attorneys, Business Owners and Individuals with expert data collection and analysis along with recognized Expert Testimony. Led by John Lucich, a nationally recognized forensics expert and former police investigator, we can explain findings clearly and factually, so judges and juries can understand the relevance and accuracy of complex technology findings.

Our digital forensics experts assist attorneys and investigators with the careful recovery of admissible digital evidence. We examine cellphones, tablets, personal computers, and all manner of cloud storage. We also analyze GPS Data, fitness trackers, electronic documents and email accounts with a full knowledge of all the ways data can be hidden or obscured.

Cellphone Positioning

We’ve worked with hundreds of private attorneys and businesses to present legally admissible data on cellphone location analysis.


Cellphone Location Analysis

Invaluable Training for Law Enforcement and Investigators

Expert Testimony

eForensix has provided testimony in a wide variety of legal matters from corporate espionage to family law, employment law, civil disputes and criminal matters. The key to the value of our expert testimony is knowing how to ensure that our findings are allowed to be entered into evidence.

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Charges Dropped!

Authorities drop charges after eForensix
proves Ramsey Responder was wrongfully accused!

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Founded by a Digital Forensics Expert

eForensix was founded by CEO John Lucich who has a long history in prevention and prosecution of cybercrime. Mr. Lucich started cybercrime investigations in 1988 for the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice and taught cybercrime courses and digital forensics at their academy for more than a decade.

Mr. Lucich is a nationally recognized expert in cybercrime and law enforcement. He is frequently consulted as a domain expert on stories featured on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and other programs. He has appeared as an expert witness in dozens of court proceedings and has the unique ability to make complex cyber investigations, understandable to average folks.

The team at eForensix currently works with attorneys, businesses, and legal teams across the country to get to the bottom of a case and they do it quickly and thoroughly. They conduct forensic investigations in criminal matters, corporate espionage, civil disputes, family law and divorce matters, and any other legal disputes that require a knowledge of what someone was doing, when they did it and if they stole or misrepresented emails and data.

Data can run, but can't hide from the team at eForensix.

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Digital Forensics is the process of recovering and analyzing deleted portions of computing devices. That means almost anything can be recovered if it was once on a device.