Computer Forensics
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Computer Forensics Services in New Jersey

Founded by nationally recognized cyber-security expert, John Lucich, our company is dedicated to uncovering digital evidence and providing expert analysis to support legal proceedings, corporate investigations, and data recovery needs. With a team of highly skilled professionals and state-of-the-art tools, we offer a full range of services to meet any computer forensics need you could have.

At eForensix, our digital forensics team excels in the acquisition and analysis of data stored on physical storage media, such as computer hard drives, cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other removable media. We can recover hidden and deleted data, as well as identify and categorize files, making every effort count in your investigation.

Aside from acquiring data from physical devices, we offer the following areas of expertise in computer forensics:

Whether you require eForensix computer services for a legal investigation or a more personal matter,
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Specialized Areas of Computer Forensics
to Support your Investigation

Network Forensics

Network forensics involves examining network traffic, including transaction logs and real-time monitoring. By leveraging advanced sniffers and tracing techniques, we can unravel complex network activities, identify potential threats, and provide invaluable insights into security breaches and unauthorized access. This is ideal if you are in the middle of a corporate legal battle with a former employee who may have mishandled sensitive client information.

Email Forensics

Email forensics identifies the source and content of electronic mail as evidence. We can meticulously examine email metadata, including sender and recipient information, date, time, and origin. This expertise enables us to identify instances of harassment, discrimination, policy violations, or unauthorized activity within an organization, providing concrete evidence for further action. This service can also support a more personal legal battle involving divorce or child custody.

Internet Forensics

Internet forensics play a vital role in determining user activities and safeguarding against inappropriate content access. eForensix specializes in piecing together a user's online footprint, identifying their web browsing history, and determining whether the access to certain content was inadvertent or intentional. Through this service, our forensics analysts can uncover evidence of unauthorized data transfer or inappropriate web browsing that will prove useful in an investigation involving your company. Whether it’s a past or current employee or a third party, we can determine who has been misusing your internet.

Cloud Forensics

Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of how IT operations work and understands the legal and ethical considerations surrounding data preservation in the cloud. Whether it's recovering data from cloud servers or analyzing digital evidence stored within them, eForensix has the experience to navigate all different types of managed data back-ups. Similar to email forensics, this service can help uncover old text messages and emails that could support your stance in a child custody case. For example, if weekend visitation is routinely missed by the other parent - we can piece together the “paper trail” of deleted messages that corroborate your side of the story.

When you choose eForensix, you benefit from the extensive experience of a team that has been involved in digital forensics for over 2 decades. We have built a reputation for excellence and integrity on the witness stand. Our ongoing commitment to learning new technology and uncovering the truth ensures you have the most effective solutions for your digital investigation.

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