Founder of  Network Security Group and sister company EForensix, John Lucich, has appeared as a go-to expert on Law&Crime with Jesse Weber to discuss forensic evidence on a recent case in North Carolina that went viral. Police in Greenville, North Carolina have charged Thomas Elliott, 21, with multiple counts of felony secret peeping after reviewing Target store security footage from last week. Elliott is accused of using his phone to take photos or videos of women without their permission in this Target location. Law&Crime’s Jesse Weber talks about the process of analyzing Elliott’s phone for evidence with John Lucich in the video below. 



One of the most notable highlights of the video is John’s prediction on how law enforcement will proceed with the criminal investigation against Thomas Elliot. Lucich states, “They’ll probably do keyword searches, look at all his text messages, who he’s sharing the stuff with, because that’s what is going to be important: what keyword searches he was doing on his phone. And I cannot believe that it’s going to end here. They’re going to get that warrant that’s going to probably ask for any and all computers at his house.” 

Lucich then goes on to explain that aside from requesting all computers and electronic storage devices via a warrant, law enforcement can take it a step further by subpoenaing Elliot’s phone service provider. According to Lucich, they can request, “Call detail records, which shows location information of where you are at any specific time. Maybe they want to use that information to find out what other stores he was at? If he had a Droid? Google has a great thing called Google timeline, where they can access that Google timeline and find out exactly where he’s driving. Is he driving around other schools? Is he driving in other areas where he doesn’t belong and is just looking in neighborhoods for kids?” 

While the investigation is still underway, John is probably exactly correct about how it will go given his 30 years experience working with law enforcement on precisely this kind of thing. Lucich and his team at eForensix have been providing legally admissible, expert testimony in state and federal courts for over 20 years. They examine cellphones, tablets, personal computers, and all manner of cloud storage. They can also analyze GPS Data, fitness trackers, electronic documents and email accounts with a full knowledge of all the ways data can be deleted, hidden or obscured.

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