Sometimes our needs go beyond IT services, especially if your law firm needs a trail of electronic devices analyzed or you find your business needing to retrieve lost or stolen data. When device analysis and data retrieval serves a legal matter, it’s no longer just an IT company that you need. You need real digital forensics experts and expert testimony to help you make your case. In that case we’ve got our sister company eForensix help you.

Who is eForensix?

The team at eForensix based in New Jersey can provide you with comprehensive computer forensic investigations and expert witness courtroom testimony that may be able to turn the tide in your favor. Founded by retired state digital forensic and cybercrimes investigator, John Lucich, eForensix brings decades of experience in recovering potential evidence for plaintiff and defendant firms as well as criminal cases.

The kinds of data digital forensics can provide can tell the complete story of a case.

The list is long and over the last 35 years eForensix has provided hundreds of digital forensic examinations for hundreds of legal teams.

Digital Forensic Expert Testimony and Data Must Be Admissible

There’s finding the digital trail, and there’s getting it admitted as evidence in a court of law. With so much of Forensic and digital investigation being outside the realm of understanding for non technical folks, it is so important that a team can provide testimony and technical analysis that is both thorough, admissable, and understandable.

With a long background in the field of digital forensic investigations, CEO John Lucich has been at the forefront of these investigations since 1988, working with the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice. His extensive knowledge led him to teach cybercrime courses and digital forensics at their esteemed academy for over a decade. As a former digital forensics and cybercrime investigator for the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, Division of Criminal Justice, Organized Crime Racketeering and Corruption Bureau, Mr. Lucich and his team possess an unparalleled understanding of how cybercriminals think, and how the legal system and law enforcement use this data.

NJ Digital Forensic Expert Testimonies for People Just Like You

eForensix caters to a diverse clientele that includes attorneys and legal teams, businesses large and small across the country, and just people who have been dealt a rough hand. The team of skilled professionals diligently conducts comprehensive forensic investigations in a wide range of areas, including criminal matters including but not limited to; homicide, digital contraband,  corporate espionage, civil disputes, and family law. Whatever the nature of your legal conflict, eForensix has the expertise and resources to provide you with the crucial evidence you need to build a compelling case.

When you choose eForensix, you gain access to a team of specialists who combine technical prowess with a deep understanding of the legal landscape. Their digital forensics experts employ state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to uncover digital evidence and provide expert digital forensics testimony that can prove decisive in court. From analyzing digital footprints to recovering deleted data, their meticulous approach using well understood forensics standards ensures that no legal challenge to our conclusions will be possible.

For more information on expert witness testimony for NJ businesses, contact eForensix today 844-350-0384 or visit the website.

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