Our trained forensic technicians have more than thirty years experience performing computer forensics, mobile forensics, GPS data location mapping and expert witness testimony.

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eForensix has been engaged for civil and criminal cases, including but not limited to: corporate law, employment law, family law, strict liability, murder, police corruption and digital contraband, just to name a few. Our client list includes multi-billion dollar corporations, as well as celebrities.

eForensix technicians understand the underlying technologies involved in this industry and can help corporations and law firms address digital forensics and eDiscovery issues.

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Our experts in computer & digital forensic investigations have over 30 years’ experience in dealing with all types of digital forensic analysis.

We preserve, analyze and report on digital data in a way that is legally admissible, and easy to understand. If you’ve experienced data theft, IP theft or had devices tampered with, we can definitely help.

Mobile phone technology is continually advancing and our mobile analysis procedures continue to expand rapidly.

Data theft, email fraud, malicious communication and IP theft were once primarily carried out using computers. However, this is now more likely to take place using a smart phone.

Effective expert witness testimony begins with laying the proper legal foundation for the admissibility of the digital evidence.

As experienced digital forensic investigators and former law enforcement, we have the knowledge necessary to testify in a court of law.

Founded by a digital forensics expert

John Lucich is retired from the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, Division of Criminal Justice, Organized Crime Racketeering and Corruption Bureau and is currently the President of eForensix, LLC, providing digital forensics consulting services, expert witness testimony, data analysis and hard drive data recovery. Mr. Lucich has been an expert in numerous high-profile cases and has been the subject of numerous media interviews on both radio and television regarding cybercrimes and computer forensics. Mr. Lucich started cybercrime investigations in 1988 for the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice and taught cybercrime courses and digital forensics at their academy for more than a decade.

Mr. Lucich is a Magnet Certified Forensic Examiner, a Certified Data Recovery Professional, a Certified Cellebrite Physical Analyst and a Certified Cellebrite Operator. Mr. Lucich served five years as an adjunct professor of computer science for Felician College and is a nationally recognized expert, lecturer and author on a variety of high tech crime investigations and computer forensics. Mr. Lucich has lectured for special agents of several agencies and was the Keynote speaker with General Colin Powell and Bill Gates at CAWorld96, addressing computer security issues. John worked undercover for the US military helping to identify individuals involved in military computer intrusions and he testified as an e-mail expert during the removal of a New York State Judge who lied about sending an e-mail message to President Bill Clinton. John also testified against a New Jersey police officer as a computer forensic expert during a trial where the police officer was accused of taking a computer as a bribe. The officer was subsequently found guilty and removed from the force.

John Lucich was the first state law enforcement officer to testify before the United States Congress in 1993 on computer crime issues and in 1999 he testified as a high-tech crimes expert witness before the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation during state hearings on computer crimes in Trenton. John has lectured at nationwide conferences and seminars and provided training in the areas of computer forensics, digital investigations, information security and secure infrastructure design.